Data & Digital Equity

The IPHCC believes data and digital equity are integral parts of wholistic health. Digital equity is the fair and consistent access to digital tools, including technological devices, digital literacy, cellular service and internet connection that is both stable and high-speed.

Digital services must also be offered to clients in their own language and be easy to understand. We are proud to partner with our member organizations to advocate for the expansion of access to digital service providers, and for increased funding to ensure clients are equipped with the right technology to fulfill their health needs. The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the need for access to digital tools to achieve good health outcomes as well as their need to remain accessible once this crisis is over.

Along with clients’ right to access data and technology, is their right to have their own health information protected. When clients visit their health provider, they can be confident that every measure is taken to ensure that their personal health information is secure. 

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