Traditional Healing and Wellness

In November of 2022, Traditional Healing and Wellness became a strategic initiative of IPHCC. This initiative develops and implements sector-based solutions to address the workforce challenges of needs of employers for Traditional Healing (TH) and Cultural Services. It addresses solutions for employers around recruitment, retention, skills development for employees or potential employees, capacity building, diversity, and inclusion. Through the design and delivery of TH skill development, increasing gaps for the Indigenous aging population of skilled Traditional Healers will be addressed.

IPHCC’s Traditional Healing and Wellness Team remains committed to:

  • Collaborative and active engagement with our IPHCC membership.
  • Ensuring Traditional Healing and Wellness strategic deliverables stays within alignment of our membership and communities they serve.
  • Providing opportunities of learning, cross-sectoral collaborations, and resources sharing amongst our Traditional Healing network within the IPHCC membership.
  • Safeguarding sacred knowledge for future generations.
  • Honour the knowledge shared with us.

In 2022, IPHCC Membership Identified the following Priorities.


  • Establish a Traditional Wellness workforce strategy that is sustainable for the next seven generations.
  • Develop apprenticeship programs to build capacity.
  • Create E-Learnings that foster understanding about Traditional Healing & Wellness.
Traditional Healing Advisory Circle


To provide guidance on the design and delivery of shared strategic priorities, IPHCC established a

Traditional Healing Advisory Circle. Its first meeting was held in Ottawa in March 2023. The circle is composed of Traditional Wellness Practitioners that represent each of our member sites across the province.


Since that time, IPHCC THAC group meets monthly virtually and gathers in person every three months, where they work collectively on strategic deliverables. They also gather to exchange in cultural/ceremonial knowledge and participate in various wellness and self-care activities that promote renewed energy to continue their work back in their retrospective communities.


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