The Safespace Network is a platform that works to address barriers to reporting in healthcare by providing a safe and anonymous way to share experiences without fear of retaliation.

This data collections allows systems to do more than react to negative experiences but prevent them from happening by assessing patterns and trends within healthcare and acting accordingly.  This allows for the power of the individual’s voice to be amplified through the connection of experiences and producing patterns that can be analyzed and understood by healthcare institutions and those who can influence change within the system.  

IPHCC has been working collaboratively with Dr. Alika Lafontaine, Dr. Kamea Lafontaine and six member organizations to pilot the Safespace Network in Ontario.

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Who can report into the platform? 


The platform allows individuals who may have experienced racism or harm within the healthcare system to make reports, as well as individuals who may have witnessed such experiences.  

The Safespace Network is not meant to replace formal complaints processes that are in place locally, but rather to amplify voices and capture patterns and trends within the system to influence change. If you wish to go through a formal complaints process, IPHCC strongly encourages individuals to reach out to a healthcare provider that you trust can support you through this process.  

How can your report into the platform? 

What is the role of IPHCC in the Safespace Network?

There are three ways to report into the platform.  

  1.  A secured hotline: 1-416-477-4627
  2.  A secured email:
  3.  Online:

The IPHCC is a member-based organization and was successful
in securing funding to pilot the platform in Ontario. The IPHCC will
champion the Safespace Network, facilitate, and support the rollout
and be an advocate for change.  

Member organizations will monitor reports for their regions and support their own partners, communities, and stakeholders with navigating the reporting system. Reports will support member organizations in their advocacy efforts for health system transformation by providing reliable information on the healthcare experiences of individuals that contribute to patterns and trends within the system.  

If you would like more information about the Safespace Network you can contact the team at or reach out to one of the participating organizations. 

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