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The Safespace Network is a platform that creates learning health systems. Learning health systems are able to do more than react to negative experiences and harm within healthcare, they can prevent them from happening.

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Indigenous primary health care council

Supporting the advancement and evolution of Indigenous primary health care service provision and planning throughout Ontario Get in Touch

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By becoming a voting member of the IPHCC, your organization will have the ability to directly influence the development of our organization. IPHCC members have been quite successful collaboratively advocating for the communities we serve.

We are keen to continue growing and evolving so that we are better able to serve our members and community members.

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This toolkit is designed to support Indigenous organizations with the planning and implementation of community-level COVID-19 vaccination clinics, in collaboration with mainstream organizations such as local public health units, primary care agencies, and/or hospital settings.

We would like to thank Dr. Annelind Wakegjig and Dr. Rebecca Wray for reviewing the Gashkiwidoon toolkit and lending their clinical expertise. Gashkiwidoon (gash-ga-we-toon) is an Ojibway word thought to mean ‘able to take, carry it’.

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Supporting the advancement and evolution of Indigenous Primary
Health Care service provisions and planning in Ontario

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