IPHCC Membership Advantage

The IPHCC Membership Advantage

Since March, the IPHCC has supported Indigenous governed primary health care organizations as we navigate these unprecedented times together. We helped our members and associates access PPE, facilitated the sharing of wise practices, and advocated at provincial and federal levels for equitable and ethical access to funding, contact tracing, and testing and assessment.  

Now that we have entered the second wave, the IPHCC’s ongoing response activities include:

  • Continuing to advocate on behalf of our members
  • Using data to share our sector’s COVID story
  • Securing funding so that our members can enhance their mental health and addictions care capacity
  • Monitoring PPE availability

Beyond COVID, we will continue to foster collaboration amongst our members, develop resources to fight systemic racism, and advocate for a strong and comprehensive Indigenous-governed primary health care system.

There are currently no membership fees associated with becoming a voting member of the IPHCC; however, in the next fiscal year the IPHCC Board will bring forward a fee structure to voting members for approval.

By becoming a voting member of the IPHCC, your organization will have the ability to directly influence the development of our young organization, helping ensure that we continue to meet the needs of your organization and the communities you serve. We are keen to grow and evolve so as to be the best possible champion for our members.

Membership Benefits

Member of the IPHCC Full Council

Ability to hold a board position

according to IPHCC guidelines and procedures


Networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities

Unlimited job postings on IPHCC website

Access to online members portal containing repository of resources

Professional development opportunities

such as training, webinars, employee supports such as managing stress in the workplace

Full and formal inclusion in all advocacy effort

Designated as a regional hub for anti-Indigenous racism training/organizational change


Eligible to participate in IPHCC-coordinated funding opportunities for federal, provincial and funding grant agencies

Eligible to participate in IPHCC sector data program

  • Harmonized Indigenous indicators for health care delivery
  • Data reports generated for the sector highlighting health outcomes for all members
  • Data sharing agreements based on data sovereignty principles

Right to vote in AGM (IPHCC Corporation)*

Indigenous Culture

Healing from within

Angela Recollet

The Indigenous Primary Health Care Council is a leading organization that is rooted with Indigenous Health in Indigenous Hands.  The genesis of the IPHCC honours culture as treatment and recognizes that indigenous health thrives within a holistic model of care.  We believe that becoming a member of the IPHCC will support your vision of service provisions for the Indigenous population by providing a unified voice in accessing the essential resources that your independent health care organization requires.  We have a thriving team of professionals that provide excellence in advocacy, strategy development and have been identified as a critical partner in the Health Care system, with our various partners, including Government.  We welcome you as a member and look forward to supporting your organization.

Membership Criteria

By joining the IPHCC, you will be joining a community-based network that promotes support, knowledge-sharing, and advocacy across the Indigenous-governed primary health care sector.

Vision, Mission & Values

Supports the vision, mission, and values of the IPHCC

Model of Care

Endorses the Model of Wholistic Health and Wellbeing*


Is a not-for-profit corporation or First Nations band operating in Ontario

Ministry Funding

Receives funding from the Ontario government and/or the federal government


Is an integrated service delivery organization whose primary mandate is to provide wholistic inter-professional team-based primary health care to Indigenous peoples


Is Indigenous governed

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