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By joining the IPHCC, you will be joining a community-based network that promotes, knowledge-sharing, and advocacy across the Indigenous-governed primary health care sector.

We help to foster collaboration amongst our members, develop resources to tackle systemic racism, and advocate for the continued evolution of a strong and comprehensive Indigenous-governed primary health care system.

As of 2023, the IPHCC has implemented a membership fee in order to support the ongoing evolution of the council. Please see here for the membership fee schedule.

By becoming a voting member of the IPHCC, your organization will have the ability to directly influence the development of our organization. IPHCC members have been quite successful collaboratively advocating for the communities we serve. We are keen to continue growing and evolving so that we are better able to serve our members and community members.

View our Member Code of Conduct here.

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Membership Benefits

Member of the full IPHCC council

Right to vote in the annual general meeting

Ability to run and hold a position on Board of Directors

Networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities

Ability to share and post unlimited job postings on IPHCC website

Access to online members’ portal containing a repository of resources like fact sheets, tools and resources, legal reviews, webinars, sector reports, etc.

Full and formal inclusion in all advocacy efforts promoted through the IPHCC like letters to government, sectoral proposals, letters of support, etc.

Ability to participate in sector-relevant research projects that are Indigenous-driven

Engage in capacity building and resource sharing across the Indigenous and non-Indigenous primary health care sector

Ability to participate in advisory circles and working groups to develop Indigenous-specific models of care

Opportunity to be a designated regional hub for anti-Indigenous racism training and the promotion of organizational change efforts

Eligible to participate in IPHCC-coordinated funding opportunities for federal, provincial and other funding grant agencies

Professional development opportunities like trauma informed care, self-care, learning webinars, etc.

Early access to IPHCC developed resources, tools, and training
Check out a sample of our published resources

Eligible to participate in IPHCC sector data program

  • Harmonized Indigenous indicators for health care delivery
  • Data reports generated for the sector highlighting health outcomes for all members
  • Data sharing agreements based on data sovereignty principles
  • Opportunity to participate in data management of community of practice

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IPHCC welcomes your application.
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Why Join IPHCC?

The Indigenous Primary Health Care Council is a leading organization that is rooted with Indigenous Health in Indigenous Hands. The genesis of the IPHCC honours culture as treatment and recognizes that Indigenous health thrives within a holistic model of care. We believe that becoming a member of the IPHCC will support your vision of service provisions for the Indigenous population by providing a unified voice in accessing the essential resources that your independent health care organization requires. We have a thriving team of professionals that provide excellence in advocacy, strategy development and have been identified as a critical partner in the Health Care system, with our various partners, including Government. We welcome you as a member and look forward to supporting your organization.


Members must meet the below criteria in order to be eligible to apply as a member.

Alignment with IPHCC’s  mission and values:

Members of the IPHCC should 

  • Have a deep understanding of the expectations and priorities of Indigenous patients
  • Be dedicated to promoting health equity, cultural safety, and the restoration of Indigenous primary healthcare 

Members of the IPHCC should have a deep understanding of the IPHCC’s model of care, which emphasizes Indigenous health in Indigenous hands through a holistic, as well as culturally safe approach to primary health care for Indigenous communities. They should be committed to promoting this model of care and ensuring its successful implementation throughout their organization

The IPHCC is status neutral, meaning that IPHCC supports Indigenous organizations providing services to First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people who are with or without status.

Members should ensure that the healthcare services provided are accessible, culturally appropriate, and meet the specific health needs of the community.

Members of the IPHCC should adhere to the Council’s code of conduct, which outlines the rights and responsibilities of Council members. They should be committed to upholding the principles of good governance, including transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct.

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