Tools of Resiliency – Addressing the wellbeing needs of Indigenous Peoples by honouring culture as treatment

For the purpose of this report, a western construct of a ‘continuum of care’ is used to explore the range of services Indigenous health centres provide to clients with MHA challenges. Although this construct greatly simplifies the complexity inherent in the Model of Wholistic Health and Wellbeing, it is useful because it can be used to identify critical service gaps.

Evidence gathered for this report indicate that programs and services rooted in Indigenous cultures and ways of healing are the most effective way to support Indigenous clients with MHA challenges. Indigenous health centres are ideally positioned to provide these programs and services. However,
they currently do not receive sufficient funding to provide a full continuum of care for clients with MHA challenges. This causes clients with severe MHA challenges to go without necessary care. Indigenous health centres need to be funded in a manner that enables them to provide a complete continuum of culturally safe, culture-based MHA care.


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